Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Don Don's Day

Today we decided to have a mini celebration for Donna at Teo Heng! If you haven't heard of it before, well it's like the cheapest Karaoke place in Singapore (i think)! It's FRIKIN CHEAP, I always pay like less than $10/person for 3-4 hours.

The Princess is now 20! Woohoo~~~

Some pictures! Which looks SO similar to Dingxuan's Birthday Celebration which was also in the same


 I remember that time when we were doing the video shoot, Dons was telling me she liked the colors in my NAKED 2! AND I REMEMBERED! HEHE R U HAPPY BABY?! :)

Here's Yow looking like a kid...

I realised i forgot to mention the preview for the next OSF collection...Oopsie!

Anyway here's the preview...

If you're interested to join the giveaway, you can head over to

See you at 7pm for the collection!