Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Night

Last Friday. Just another night at Helipad! Followed by going to a friend's house till 8am.

So much better than going to MINK to party. It felt like a short getaway! The 4 hours we spent there felt like...24 hours? The boys even went for a dip in the pool. Lol. The house was SO massive...I have never seen such a big house in my ENTIRE life. My mom works in my gramp's interior design company and trust me, I've seen many many beautiful big houses but none as big as that friend's.

Donna has all the picx so if you're keen you can go to her blog tomorrow cus I think she's posting it tomorrow. I think even she has difficulty blogging about it cus it's just too massive! Yknow, we only covered 2 storeys....there's one more and we don't even wanna think about what's up there since the 2 storeys already consisted of like what, 4 living rooms ah? Hahaha.


  1. what is donna's blog?? thanks :)

  2. Hi dear, may I know where you gotten your black shorts?
    Will you be selling this shorts?
    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks! :)

  3. oh god i love your shorts tammy! where is it from? (those clubbing ones)

  4. hi tammy, where did you get your black beaded shorts from?

  5. This girl on girl kissing thingy is so demeaning and meaningless...

    1. just having fun~~ don't be so uptight you...