Sunday, August 12, 2012

iPhone picx

1.Really nice luggages i saw when i was in Hong Kong. It was SGD$200+ and the quality wasn't good so i didn't get it.

2. Cute phone i saw when i was in HK. It was like SGD$90 though. So not worth it because it looks quite lousy. Please let me know if you see it in Singapore, at a lower price. Thanks in advance! :D

3. Donna & I shopping at IKEA

4. IKEA's Meatballs! Love eating at IKEA! It's so cheap and good.

5. Couple mugs i wanted to get for my BF & I. From a Hello Kitty shop at the basement of Parkway Parade.

6. Blanco Prawn Mee at Beach Road. I won't be having you so often anymore because i'm no longer gonna be going to Haji Lane as often. :( I have prawn mee every time i work at Haji. WITHOUT FAIL. There was one time i worked 2 whole weeks without any off day and i had it all 14 days. Lol.

7. Balloons, Gwen and I 

8. Me in an upcoming OSF Shift Dress (will put it up around 20-21 Aug). The color is GORGEOUS! :D