Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yellow Birthday

Last night we celebrated Gwen's Birthday!

Went to Shuffle for dinner!

It's a restaurant located at Clarke Quay where a lot of really good bands play at. The singers there are all really good. I've been there >3 times and have always enjoyed the live band. They play english and mandarin songs there.

Two of my favorite dishes there are the...

Truffle Fries. Really like the truffle fries there! Do request for more truffle oil if you decided to order it. :)

Spicy Prawn Pasta 

Birthday Girl and her Waterfall.

 Yeah....gross drink....

 Lion and Gwen
 Gwen, Me, Amanda, Dawn


After dinner we headed to Helipad to party...

 Another killer drink for Gwen. Helipad's Helicopter.

Drunkie me and someone's Vendetta mask. LOL. THIS IS HOW SCARILY RED I TURN WHEN I DRINK. SOOOOO gross. Still looking for that magic pill that will help stop me from turning red! 

Thanks for reading. :)

Will try to blog again ASAP!