Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, all!

The only occasion i look forward to besides my Birthday is Christmas Day! I love LOVE receiving presents (duh...who doesn't?) but i also love giving presents and making people's day! This is a time to forget all worries and show your love to the people you care for. 

Christmas is not only about presents and material things though, there's an even more important reason to feel blessed on this day because it is a day we Christians celebrate Christ's birth. Not to worry, ain't here to write a lengthy post on Christianity  and why you should believe it, just here to share my views on Christmas. If you don't know, i was not born in a Christian family. When i was younger and when my parents were still together, my family visited the temple weekly. Then came a day, a friend's aunt asked me to go to church with their family. Being the young and curious me, i really wanted to go and my parents were pretty okay with the idea (surprisingly, because most buddhist parents don't approve their child attending a church) cus they believed no religion teaches you bad stuff so i was given the freedom to choose what i want to believe. I am so thankful for that, because i was introduced to something really special and powerful. Someone who has kept me alive and happy till today. Someone who has made me a much kinder and less selfish person. 

My journey is a Christian is FULL of ups and downs, pretty interesting and funny, maybe one day, i will write a post on it! Hehe. I am thankful for having a boyfriend, who was brought up in a Christian family and is a firm believer. I don't think i will never go back to that rocky road again. My faith is stronger than ever. :) So yes, Christmas is such a happy day for me because it's Jesus's birthday and without him, i don't think i would be able to get thru all the hard times.

I wish i can give everyone something but well, that's not possible because i'd be soooo broke. Lol. I am giving a discount code to be used on though! Use code "OSFLOVESXMAS" at check out for 10% off!

I am also doing a CHRISMAS GIVEAWAY! I will pick 5 presents to give to TO 5 LUCKY READERS~~~

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May everyone have a blessed Christmas!


  1. hi Tammy, I'm really happy for you! Your boyfriend is amazing too like how he is a firm believer and he seems like such a good person. (: Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Tammy! I've backslided for some time and your post reminds me of someone who's always been there for me. Thank you. Would love it if you ever write about your journey as a Christian :) Looking forward!

  3. Hi, most meaning majority bt that is nt true about most Buddhist parents! Pls do not stereotype dear:)

    1. I am not stereotyping, I'm speaking from experience? Most of my friends come from a Buddhist family and had to "secretly" attend the church. Anyhow, whatever religion you does not make who you are. You can be a Christian but have a black heart.

    2. also, 70% of my friends are Buddhist, I have absolutely nothing against them. I love them all the same. Everyone has the right to choose what they wanna believe in.

  4. Hi Tammy,

    I am a Christian too and I am so glad that you share your religion with us :) Because being loved by God is something that we really should be proud of! His Love is so perfect ;) And I am also happy because I know there aren't many Christians in Singapore right..

    Any belated Merry X'mas to you! And Happy New Year hehehe :D

    God loves you!!!

  5. Hello there! :)

    Would love to read your post about your journey as a Christian. It'll be a great idea to share your views & experiences and also God's Love to the people out there! And I wanna say that you're reeeeeeeeally pretty! <3

    God bless xo!

  6. Hi Tammy, thank you for sharing a small part of ur insights on Christianity! I'm too somewhat like you, and thankfully I've renewed my faith in Christ recently :) would love to read ur post on Christianity! Continue to place your faith in God to receive his everlasting grace :)

  7. Would love to hear your story sometime soon. You'd never know who needs to hear them. Have a great year, God be with you.

  8. Hope to hear your story sometime soon.