Sunday, December 23, 2012

Traditional Thai BBQ (Mookata)

I got introduced to Mookata about a year ago (or longer?) by Christelle and have been in love with it since then.

It is SUPER unhealthy though so even though i like it so much, i try to only have it once a month.

This time we tried a different Mookata Place at Katong (address at the bottom of the post)...
Mookata is Traditional Thai BBQ...

Had a SET FOR 2 and i ordered extra Golden Mushroom, Crab Stick and Quail Eggs. Oh and more we had to order more meat after that because the 2 plates (the larges plates in the middle) are so not enough for 2? Or maybe it's because my boyfriend and i eat much more than usual couples.

This meal costed us $70? Which i feel wasn't worth it as compared to other Mookata places in Singapore. We can eat a lot more at the other restaurants for $70.

The chilli is so-so, not as tasty as the other Mookata place i tried.

So, as you can see, the pot used for Thai Steamboat is different from the pots we use for Chinese Steamboat.

See a white rectangle thingy in the middle? That is pork lard, you put it there so it melts and coats the surface to not only prep for grilling, but also to help flavor the soup that sits on the edges. I think it's super unhealthy lah? But REALLY SO YUMMY~~

I'm not a big fan of chicken on most days, i usually pick Pork and Beef over Chicken ANY TIME. However, when eating mookata, i personally think chicken thigh tastes the best.

You will be given a 2 plates when you order the set for 2, one plate for grilling, the other plate containing ingredients to put in the soup. I really LOVE putting "tang hoon" in the soup at the end of it all. Soup will be full of flavor and soooo yummy (and oily, but who cares.........? YOLO! Haha). I felt that the soup at the Katong one isn't as nice as the Golden Mild one though....soup itself (the refill) was already slightly salty so when u add the ingredients + the oil dripping etc, it becomes too salty to drink.

This restaurant is not as nice as the other Mookata places but still, worth giving it a try if you live in the east and don't want to go too far.

103 East Coast Road, S(428797)
(+65) 6344 2985 (opposite i12 Katong)
Rating: 3/5 stars

More Mookata Restaurants in Singapore...

Happy Mookata at Golden Mile Complex
5001 Beach Road #01-55 Golden Mile Complex
Singapore, Singapore 199588
Rating: 3.5/5 stars (i prefer this to the Katong one)

TomYum Kungfu
16 Circular Road
(+65) 6536 1646
Rating: 4.5/stars 

25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore, Singapore 089132
(+65) 6536 4780
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Feel free to drop a comment sharing more Mookata Restaurants in Singapore which you think is good! :)

Do give Mookata a try if you haven't. Well you either love it or hate it. I know quite a number of people who hate it cus it's so oily and unhealthy. But i love it a lot lah!!! Haha.