Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Camo and Spikes

Outerwear: Ohsofickle (quite long ago, no longer available)
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Y.R.U (from


  1. hi tammy cld u do a post abt the importance of chinese new year? alot of teenagers these days think its so cool to not celebrate it bcs it makes them more ang moh/western bcs they dont celebrate chinese customs & traditions. Ur a popular blogger in spore so maybe u voicing out and recognizing this importance wld help ppl realize that its rly fun!

  2. Your blog is becoming so boring. Look at your posts. I used to be an avid reader, not anymore. You hardly change your layout, hardly blog proper (in fact, you hardly even blog), almost all your posts are advertorials, if not just simple outfits without any much words or proper blogging. Your blog posts has decreased so much since last year. Coming to your blog used to make me very happy and i feel "fresh" as there are always nice posts awaiting me to read them but not anymore. No offence but i really think you are not doing a good job as a blogger. (Other bloggers are famous but they still blog very interesting stuff), and i feel that you are letting your readers down.

  3. babe!!
    please do a backorder for the fairytail studded dress? :(

  4. hi
    wad is the code for ur prada saffiano lux tote? like BN 1844, BN1801?

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  6. Hi Tammy, hope you can help me with this. If I apply sunblock and head out in the day, when I come back home, do I just use my daily cleanser to wash it off or do I have to use makeup remover to remove it followed by cleanser? Thank you in advance dear!

  7. I will also never comment on your posts again because you don't even spare the time to reply your readers