Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates, i have been told that my blog is super boring nowadays and i SINCERELY apologize for it because i have been working my ass off and on my rest days all i want to do is rest and not feel like blogging.

I suppose i should explain why it is not easy for me to be constantly blogging about exciting stuff!

People always compare me to those bloggers who are "Full-Time Bloggers" and obviously, my blog isn't even of that standard because i don't even have the time they have. I would love to always be able to blog about exciting stuff, but i need extra time. 24 Hours a day is definitely not enough. :( I also wish i could be a Full Time Blogger! But sadly, it does not make me enough money. I am not XX or QQ, my pay check from blogging isn't gonna be as big as theirs. My family isn't well to do and blogging alone will not be able to support my family & I. I am also a shopaholic, love good expensive food....etc. So as much as i wish i was a Full Time Blogger, i know i can't do that, my family needs me.

Let me share little bit of how my days are like...

Everyone thinks running an online store is EASY PEASY and i can take off as and when i like. OH HOW I WISH!!! Orders come in almost every day, every few hours, so i have to reply e-mails everyday. I wake up at 8am every morning, reply emails for about 2 hours, go for breakfast, go to the office, help out with the packing (i do have people helping me pack but if i'm there things get done faster), reply more emails, have dinner. Easy days are like that. Around 2-3 easy days for me. Still, i get off work at around 7pm and what else can i do at 7pm? Nothing much :( Most friends would be too tired, my boyfriend would be too tired. Not many places to go. Nothing much to do.

What's a hectic day for me like? On days i have to prepare for a new collection (which happens almost every week), i spend 2-3 hours at the photo shoot (most of the time i model myself, but now and then i have a new face to help me with the shoot so it'll be faster and less tiring for me). Then head back home and spend 3 hours editing the pictures and another 3 hours getting the products up on the web store. 9 hours gone like that! I still have to reply e-mails etc! Such a day, i can work for 14 hours straight! Not much breaks in between. Such a day happens once a week.

Then every month, for 3-4 days, i will be traveling ALONE to get my stocks. When i'm alone, no one to help me take OOTD shots, no one to explore the country with. When i travel alone, it is always the same places and most places i cannot blog about because it is where i get my stocks from and is supposed to be "Secret" or else other blog shops (or even local suppliers) will KILL me. Lol. And after getting my stocks, i usually go back to the hotel room to reply e-mails and lie in bed all day cus i travel alone and it's quite dangerous to roam the streets alone. Sometimes i do, but it's always the same few places which are not worth blogging about.

Now you understand why my blog posts are not interesting anymore? With a lifestyle like that, what's there to blog about! Haha.

Once a year, my boyfriend and i would plan a 10 day long trip to somewhere far (last year it was London!) and that would probably be the most exciting post of the year because when i'm overseas, the camera is my best friend.

In the past, when i was younger, i brought my camera every where i went, i snapped pictures of everything i see, and come home to 300 over pictures to choose from and then sitting down to blog. Now, i don't even have time to go find places to take pictures at. Most of the time, lunch/dinner time. Oh and every time before i go out, i find a bit of time to camwhore cus i prepare super fast (approx. 10 min - i may not be a girl lol!).

This year, one of my resolution is to BLOG MORE INTERESTING POSTS. However, i need time which means i will need to learn to manage my time better. Maybe hire a Personal Assistant! Eh i'm serious about it leh! Anyone keen? Hahaha. With a PA, i confirm got more time! She can help me manage my personal emails, plan my schedule for me....super fun job for her also! I want to find something interesting to post, like maybe schedule every Sunday to be my blogging day where i share an interesting discovery or do something interesting. Or maybe post a random fact. I want to think of blogging as something IMPORTANT. Like i HAVE to blog. It's not a choice. Maybe it's cus i don't really like receiving comments from people telling me my blog sucks (yes i'm beginning to think so too and agreeing with it that's why i want to take action).

I will put in more effort from now on. I will, I MUST!!!

p.s Yoko is preparing a new blog layout for me soon, so that's something i can cross out from my 2013 resolution! Can't wait for the design to be out :D