Sunday, January 6, 2013

Picture Post

My friend's cat Champagne! One of the cutest cats EVER!

Dinner at Sun with Moon. Food is not bad, i'll probably rate this restaurant 3.5/5 stars! I found a lot of bad reviews on them before but i really think it's NOT that bad and worth giving a try if you're in town. I liked their steak set!

501 Orchard Road
#03-15/16/17 Wheelock Place
Tel: 67336636

All-Time Favourite Japanese Buffet at Irodori! Sashimi is fresh and the variety is great. It's $40ish, eat all you cat! I think it's super worth it! Must try. :)

382 Havelock Road
#03-01 River View Hotel
Tel: 67372002

Bunny my lazy doggy~~  If a dog could win an award for being the most kind hearted, BUNNY WILL WIN IT! He has the kindest heart and is super graceful. He is also so friendly to both dogs and people. :)

SAY HI HIRO! Hiro is not as friendly as bunny. Hiro loves annoying bunny. He can go join mediacorp, number one actor?! Always acting damn well-behave when i'm around but makes a mess when I'm out. Hiro is quite nuisance most of the time (loves making a mess, tearing tissues and newspapers). He is very smart for a chihuahua though! And he does not bark much. I LOVE HIM!
Hiro my Chihuahua baby. Forever gonna be called baby cus he is tiny. The chemistry between Hiro and i is should meet us both one day to see for yourself! Haha.

My recent BKK tuk tuk ride~

Pomeranian i saw at Siam Square

Dinner at Gyu Kaku Bangkok.

So yummy! And according to my friend it is cheaper in BKK than the outlet in Singapore. But both equally yummy.

Their website:

They have a few outlets in Singapore!

Gyu Kaku

81 Clemenceau Avenue
#01-18/19 UE Square
Tel: 67334001

Gyu Kaku

30 Victoria Street
#01-01/03 Chijmes
Tel: 66816474

The night i survived 44 hours without sleep. OH THE WONDERS OF MAKE UP, REALLY!

Some random impromptu night at Playhouse with HQ, DX, Donna and W. LOL. I love how DX and I were TOTALLY IN OUR OWN WORLD.

This is Milky my friend from BKK! She is SO PRETTY. She brought me to a few places i've never been before! Thank you Babe, LOVE YOU SEE YOU SOON!

Me in BKK.

Milky brought me to Chocolate Ville. I thought they sold only chocolates there, like some chocolate land. But no!! It's actually a really beautiful restaurant which serves western and thai cuisines. THE AMBIENCE IS SUPER DUPER NICE. Must go! It's in the outskirts of BKK so a bit hard to get there! I'm super google can help you!

My favorite part about Chocolate Ville, the ducks running around the place!! THEY ARE SUPER DUPER CUTE OMG!!!

Milky brought me to Asiatique, a newly opened night market!

And Milky also told me about this handsome boy.... LOL!


That's all for now~~ BLOG AGAIN SOON! 

Such posts acceptable? Mostly my Instagram pictures with captions. Haha. Got this ready in 30 min only!