Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Body Odour

One of the worst thing to experience when meeting someone for the first time or worst, ON A FIRST DATE is BODY ODOUR.

I cannot explain what a turn off it is to me. In public transport or in crowded places, i can still hold my breath for a few minutes. Not exactly EASY and not a very happy thing to do but not as bad as having to hang out with that person for hours. Oh and first dates, i like to play this game with myself called the "Guess what perfume he is using", so can you imagine if my date smells like crap and i go close to him to sniff? O.M.G 9/10 kinda guy...good looks, good body, nice character....then he smells bad? I'll take 7 points off and he'll only be a 2/10 guy which i might not even see ever again. 

Do you know how difficult and hurtful it is to tell someone they smell bad??? It's almost impossible without hurting the other party's feelings! If a friend reads this post and asks you this "Hey, do i have BO?", what will you say if he/she really has BO? How many people dare tell them the TRUTH (which will hurt)?

I think people with BO do not realize they smell bad, until someone tells them they do. Like how we always spray perfume and can't smell it after some time (cus our nose is used to it) but other people think the smell is overwhelming? Same for BO. So therefore it is highly unlikely a person with BO knows they have BO! To PREVENT such scenarios from happening to you, where you smell bad and people complain to other people about you, here are some quick fixes to get rid of body odour!

-Maintain good personal hygiene – we all bathe once a day, but some individuals may require more frequent baths with thorough cleaning the areas prone to sweat.

-Try and use antibacterial soaps which will reduce bacterial growth on skin.
If you are prone to more sweating change clothes including undergarments frequently. Prefer natural fabrics over synthetic ones.
-Trim hair off sweat prone areas such as underarms and groin. Keep it clean and dry.

-Clean your hair frequently as the natural oils and sweat from scalp adds on to unpleasant odour.

-Take care of foot odour by frequently changing the socks. Choose socks made of breathable natural fabrics such as cotton. Soaking feet in salt water kills foot bacteria.

-Use deodorant powders or apply antiperspirant to the sole.

-Make use of boric acid – it may sound odd, but boric acid when dusted in underarms eliminates body odour.

-Use deodorants containing aluminum or zinc to fight odour causing bacteria.

-Reduce consumption of coffee, cola and alcohol as they contribute to odour by stimulating apocrine sweat glands

-Certain foods such as peppers or strong spices tend to make you perspire more, whereas smell of onion or garlic can be carried in sweat. Restricted consumption of such foods helps to reduce body odour.

-Drink sufficient amount of water to keep perspiration diluted and eccrine sweat glands active.

Deodorants costs less than $10 at Watson's/Guardian, not very expensive and it is an absolute NECESSITY! At the start of the day, you may smell good but i can't say you still will at the end of the day so JUST USE IT EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU SMELL FRESH.

I hope this post will encourage those who don't use deodorant to start using it and may the world be a better place with less people smelling bad.