Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oompr Social Marketplace

Today I have something new to introduce to ya'll! I know all of you are probably stressing at the amount of clothes/bags/etc stuff that your have at home and are unable to sell them away.. so lets sell them at Oompr Social Marketplace!

Oompr Social Marketplace allows you to buy and sell both new and preloved items in an instant after connecting via facebook. It allows you to finish the deal by opting for meetup or bank transfers at your own convenience! There is no hidden fees nor commission right now :)

When you land on the Oompr page, there's many categories to look at! For example..

Gadget accesories -  Lots of quirky stuff that i think we girls love!

Great for gifts or to personalise our own diary / workdesk.

Female Fashion - Unleash the shopaholic within you! Oompr offers a variety of female fashion apparels. Should you have some stuff from other blogshops that you wish to sell them, we're here for you!

Beauty products - Be youthful! There's a wide series of products there for you to choose :)

Fret now! Guys have their share in this market too under Male Fashion!

Its a good move cause guys really have very little online shopping webs for them.

Oompr iPhone app has just launched, and it is really easy to sell items to the site with this app -

1) Connect to facebook

2) Upload or take a photo of the item you want to sell

3) Price and description of item

Upload and its up for sale on the website!

P.s, the 3 easy steps takes less than 1 minute to upload an item with the mobile app! Download the Oompr iPhone app now for easy selling!

Oompr now has an iPad mini giveaway! The contest ends on 8th February.

Simply like and share the facebook post on Oompr's facebook page to have 1 chance!

Download the oompr app on your iPhone and every item you sell on oompr through the mobile app will give you 2 chances!!

P.s, just go to Oompr facebook page and like and share the above photo to win their iPad mini giveaway! Good luck!