Tuesday, March 26, 2013

KLM X Amsterdam

This is my 2nd time working with KLM! One of the best companies i've worked with in all my years of blogging because thanks to them, i got to visit Bali and now, Amsterdam. My first trip to Bali can be read HERE and HERE.  :D

This time round, i was given the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam with Brad, the guy behind Ladyironchef (One of Singapore's Top Food Blogs) and his lovely girlfriend, Melody.

We got on the plane at 1+am and travelled 13 hours in the KLM plane. The 13 hours passed pretty quickly as it was 1am and that's bed time for me so when i woke up 10 hours later, i spent the other 3 hours later watching movies on board. The in flight entertainment system is pretty awesome! Lotsa movies, new and old...and not to mention TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Two Broke Girls...etc! Oh and i also spent the last hour listening to KPOP music!

Food was served on board and it was yummy. Was really tired so i didn't snap pictures but the food's pretty tasty. Despite how tired i was, i finished it all. :)

 photo AMS4of170.jpg

 photo AMS5of170.jpg

I did not expect Amsterdam to be SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was reeeeeally cold (around 1 degree) when we landed but i kinda enjoyed the cold cus it is really too hot in Singapore.

 photo AMS7of170.jpg

 photo AMS8of170.jpg

Checked into the WestCord City Centre Hotel! The location of this hotel is SO CONVENIENT. Next time you're in Amsterdam, i highly recommend this hotel. Lotsa restaurants and cafes around the area and not to mention, the shopping street is just a stone throw away from the hotel.

 photo AMS13of170.jpg

 photo AMS14of170.jpg
Jacket from YoungHungryFree (HERE) and Dress can be found on my webstore (HERE)!

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 photo AMS20of170.jpg

 photo AMS21of170.jpg

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 photo AMS28of170.jpg

 photo AMS34of170.jpg

 photo AMS35of170.jpg

 photo AMS36of170.jpg

 photo AMS36of170.jpg

 photo AMS38of170.jpg

 photo AMS31of170.jpg
When you visit Amsterdam, it's best you get this Iamsterdam card! It also includes a card for you to take public transport. For more information, check out the Iamsterdam website HERE.

 photo AMS39of170.jpg

 photo AMS40of170.jpg

First we went to get on the Canal Cruise. The Canel Cruise is a MUST TAKE when you're in Amsterdam. You'll learn a lot about the History of Amsterdam, the Buildings and etc. It's a 90min ride bringing you through the many dams in Amsterdam. Exploring Amsterdam without walking much - great for lazy travelers who hate to walk. Hehe.

 photo AMS41of170.jpg

 photo AMS43of170.jpg

Do you know how Amsterdam got its name? The name is a derivative from Amstel dam pointing to the city's origin: a dam on the river Amstel. The city was founded in the 12th century as a small fishing village.

 photo AMS45of170.jpg

 photo AMS46of170.jpg

 photo AMS47of170.jpg

 photo AMS49of170.jpg
P.C Hooftstraat for branded shopping!

 photo AMS50of170.jpg

 photo AMS51of170.jpg

 photo AMS52of170.jpg

 photo AMS54of170.jpg

 photo AMS55of170.jpg

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 photo AMS61of170.jpg

 photo AMS64of170.jpg

 photo AMS65of170.jpg

 photo AMS65of170.jpg

 photo AMS70of170.jpg

 photo AMS71of170.jpg
He is HUGEEEE! Can't really tell from the picture but he is reeeeally BIG! Oh and fat and fluffy! :D

 photo AMS72of170.jpg

 photo AMS73of170.jpg

 photo AMS75of170.jpg

"Amsterdam could be considered the birthplace of LGBT rights. The first legal gay and lesbian nuptials were officiated here, the first monument constructed here and it's the only city in the world to celebrate Gay Pride with an elaborate boat parade! Your guide to Gay & Lesbian Amsterdam includes a history of gay rights in Amsterdam,major events, areas to find the best restaurants, bars & clubs and a helpful list ofresources for the LGBT community."

Carmen and I spent HOURS walking around Amsterdam. We got to places by walking, with the help of my Google Map because we were clueless on how to take the trams and buses. It was nice and beautiful! And despite how tired i felt at the end of the day, IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

We told Brad and Melody about our day and our superrrr long walks and they taught us how to take the tram and told us how easy it was to get around Amsterdam by the tram.

 photo AMS76of170.jpg
The croissants we had for breakfast at the hotel was SO GOOD. Carmen and i had like 3 croissants a day? Hehe.

Day 2: We visited the Hermitage Museum to look at Van Gogh's art works!

 photo AMS94of170.jpg

 photo AMS80of170.jpg

 photo AMS81of170.jpg

 photo AMS83of170.jpg

 photo AMS84of170.jpg

 photo AMS93of170.jpg

We then met Brad and Melody for Lunch at De Kas.

 photo AMS95of170.jpg

 photo AMS96of170.jpg

 photo AMS98of170.jpg

 photo AMS99of170.jpg

 photo AMS101of170.jpg
 photo AMS104of170.jpg

 photo AMS103of170.jpg

We had lunch in a pretty glass house! Can't go wrong following Ladyironchef's recommendations. Hehe.

After that Carmen and i went to Nine Streets to do some shopping...

 photo AMS106of170.jpg

Here's a shop i kinda like called New Yorkers! The prices are really reasonable, ESPECIALLY THE SALES SECTION!

 photo AMS110of170.jpg

 photo AMS107of170.jpg

 photo AMS112of170.jpg

 photo AMS114of170.jpg
Burger vending machine!

 photo AMS116of170.jpg

 photo AMS117of170.jpg
Was flipping thru a book and saw this quote!

Mid Afternoon Snack was yummy, thick and crispy fries from Manneken Pis.

 photo AMS118of170.jpg

 photo AMS119of170.jpg

And after a long day, we met up with the couple again for a nice dinner at Haesje Claes.

 photo AMS121of170.jpg

 photo AMS123of170.jpg

 photo AMS124of170.jpg

 photo AMS125of170.jpg

 photo AMS126of170.jpg

 photo AMS127of170.jpg

Day 3: Carmen and I visited the Albert Cuyp Market!

 photo AMS128of170.jpg

 photo AMS129of170.jpg

 photo AMS130of170.jpg

 photo AMS131of170.jpg

 photo AMS132of170.jpg

 photo AMS134of170.jpg

 photo AMS136of170.jpg

 photo AMS137of170.jpg

 photo AMS138of170.jpg

 photo AMS140of170.jpg

 photo AMS142of170.jpg

 photo AMS143of170.jpg

 photo AMS144of170.jpg

 photo AMS145of170.jpg

 photo AMS146of170.jpg

 photo AMS147of170.jpg

 photo AMS148of170.jpg

 photo AMS149of170.jpg

 photo AMS150of170.jpg

It's like a looooong street with tons of shops. There's like everything there. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, food, bed sheets, home decor...etc! The long street kinda reminded me of Hong Kong's Ladies Market!

Suddenly, we saw like some white stuff falling from the sky. I was telling Carmen it could just be dust. Then it got heavier and heavier...
 photo AMS153of170.jpg

 photo AMS151of170.jpg


 photo AMS154of170.jpg

We stood there, in the middle of the street while everyone was seeking shelter, to camwhore. Totally loving the snow!

 photo AMS157of170.jpg

 photo AMS159of170.jpg

 photo AMS162of170.jpg

 photo AMS163of170.jpg

 photo AMS164of170.jpg

 photo AMS166of170.jpg

 photo AMS168of170.jpg

Omg Carmen and I were SOOOOOO HAPPY! It was our first time seeing snow!

I can finally say i have seen Snow! :)

This is gonna be one trip i'll NEVER forget because i saw snow for the first time in Amsterdam!

 photo AMS169of170.jpg
After standing in the snow we went to Kyoto Cafe for Japanese Buffet. For 22 Euros we got to eat all we can!! IT WAS REALLY GOOD! Beats A LOT of japanese buffet restaurants in Singapore! :)

After that we headed to the airport where the rest went to London/Paris and i went back to Singapore. If you're planning a trip, i would suggest you to fly KLM to Amsterdam, then from there fly to London or take a train to Paris! Amsterdam is really worth a visit, it's really such a beautiful, peaceful and laid back city.

Got to visit the KLM Lounge at the airport! 2 hours passed SO QUICKLY. The lounge was huge and very comfy!

 photo AMS170of170.jpg

Flight back, i had a special meal in the plane! It was a pre-booked meal called the Bella Italia. I felt so special cus my meal looked and i am pretty sure tasted the BEST. People around me just looked at me with envy as i gobbled down my yummy cabonara, hehe.

Thank you KLM, I cannot be anymore thankful for this great opportunity! :D

For more flight information and deals, CLICK HERE!

Oh and thank you Carmen for being such a great travel buddy and for helping me snap so many beautiful pictures! :D

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