Friday, March 1, 2013

Korean BBQ

 On the way to meet Jo to catch up and pass her a prezzie!

 Pretty girl and her prezzie~~ So cute one lor she ask me take pic of her with it? Hahaha. Hope you like it babe!

Dinner Time! 

I really love Korean BBQ! My favourite korean BBQ restaurant is Dae Bak (at Amoy Street) but it's quite pricey...can go up to $60/person when i go with my Bf. We LOVE meat so we kinda order a lot of meat when we go for BBQs that's why. So i remembered a restaurant my girlfriends & i went to a few years back at Katong so i told my bf we should head there for Korean BBQ!

Was so glad we did because it's SO WORTH IT. For $32++ we could eat all the meat we want. 

 I think i had like 5 bowls of this radish soup. Love it. Haha.

 They have SO MUCH MEAT!!!! Crazy yummy meat too! Tastes daaaaamn good.

They have cooked food so while waiting for your meat to cook you can eat these first! I love the korean glass noodles!!

More meat!!!

Very satisfying dinner! Will come back soon!

Jang Shou Buffet Korean BBQ86 East Coast Road#02-11/20 Katong Village (Beside i12 Katong)Tel: +65 63448880Opening Hours: Daily, 6pm - Midnight

***Update on my laser tattoo removal!
IT LOOKS SO GROSS NOW. Huge blisters everywhere. Day 3 and still feels reeeeally sore and painful. :( Can't wait for the soreness to go away. The soreness makes me not want to do anything. I can't even exercise. Will post the pictures's damn gross but for those who want to go for laser you might want to take a look and be mentally prepared.