Friday, May 3, 2013

Pastel Ombre + Floral

Did a shoot for May's Maybelline video with my fellow #maybellinesg ambassadors! Eunice isn't in the picx as she came late and by the time she reached my cam died - and i was also half dead cus i can't stay for long in the sun. Lol.

Just some sneak peeks!

May Manicure

Contact Jaezy at 91796632 to book an appointment! 

Reasonable prices cus she's doing from Home. One of the best manicurists i know of in Singapore, who isn't from 

Get 10% off the Usual Price when you book an appointment with her in May!

 She lives at 128 Rivervale Street (Seng Kang) so if you live around that area, LUCKY YOU!!!

Check out her Instagram page to view her works. 

I have been offered sponsorship by nail spas in the East, near my house - SO much more convenient but i rejected them and still spend money to travel to Seng Kang just to let Jaezy do my nails. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE HER WORK!

Gonna blog about the Tulip Garden in Singapore soon! STAY TUNED! :D