Sunday, May 5, 2013

Smoothie King

Was a wonderful Saturday spent with Daryl eating healthy and getting fit at the gym!

My lunch at Toss and Turn at ION's food basement, opposite Food Opera....

Went to the gym for an hour + and then for dinner we checked out Smoothie King at 313 Level 1 (quite near Marche, you can't miss the huge red sign).

If you love counting calories and on a mission to eat healthy, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE.

The menu actually states how many calories there are in the meal/drink so you can decide on what to have easily!

A wrap accompanied with a low fat smoothie should keep you full!!! AND IT'S SO HEALTHY AND LOW IN CALORIES. YIPPEE!!!

Proud of myself! Been awhile since i last had such a healthy day - all thanks to Daryl! With my boyfriend it's impossible to have such a day cus we're just GLUTTONS. Lol. :D

Need more of such days!!!