Friday, July 26, 2013

Party Animal

Gwen finally uploaded the pictures of #thepartyinvaders from her camera - YAY!

All party pictures which explains why i want to write this post.

Going clubbing is not always a bad thing. Always loving the good music and good company! So what if i do it rather frequently? It doesn't make me a Bad Girl? At least to me it doesn't.

There's just more to it than Alcohol & Sex. Partying is a way i get to unwind, relax and meet new people. When i'm intoxicated, it kinda brings out the silly and happy kid in me! I do the stupidest stuff (which can sometimes turn out to be kinda embarrassing stuff) and have a good laugh the next day. Or watch my friends do stupid stuff and laugh at them. Every week it's pretty unpredictable, which is exciting - all the funny things my friends say/do.

It's also the only time of the week i get to dance for hours and well, i LOVE to dance - when i was young, dancing was pretty much my Life! Since i no longer attend dance classes and have performances to prepare for, i no longer get to dance on normal days. I love dancing the night away and forgetting all my troubles! Getting down on the dance floor is like an exercise too, way more fun than jumping on the treadmill. Haha.

Also, i am pretty shy (i've said it before!) when sober but with the help of alcohol i actually become A LOT friendlier and that's also how i managed to meet many MANY great friends. I've met many great people through partying which is a great thing cus i was given opportunities to attend certain events and hang out with people i never thought i'd ever know personally. Plus, on normal days, i usually spend my days alone doing work/traveling to get ShopOhsofickle stocks so i never get to meet much people. In fact, i can't remember the last time i made friend with people on normal days? Cus ever since i stopped going to school, i'm pretty much alone on most days. Most of my friends went to school and had a new bunch of friends but i didn't. But i feel it's not the best place to find your life partner because everyone has their game faces on. Then again, if your job is like mine where you're alone most of the time, or if you work in a small company and all your colleagues are just not your type, then going clubbing would be a good way to meet more people and hopefully, if you're lucky, you get to meet The One.

No, partying is not only for people who are desperate to find someone to sleep with. Why do people who do not party always have that mentality??? I mean honestly, i know so many people and still, i don't really have much friends who go out with the intention to bring home a guy/girl. Most of my friends party just for the fun of it. Okay, obviously there are people who go out with those intentions but come on, not everyone who parties is like that?!

So yeah bottom-line, PARTYING DOES NOT MAKE ONE A DEVIL. Know what's right and wrong. If you're out and depressed, remember your values and all's good. Make sure your friends look after you and not let you go home with a stranger - which will be dangerous but it is easily preventable with good friends (you can also tell who are the protective friends - who are real keepers) around.