Monday, July 29, 2013


x Sunday Notes x

The best day i had all month. As you all read from my previous posts, July hasn't been the best month for me. Since i came back from Paris, things went downhill. 

However, i am thankful that God placed some people in my life to remind me to turn to Him when times are tough. Jo, C and H made my Sunday such a wonderful day - the most wonderful day i had this month. They are the 3 of my favorite people to talk to about God. We spent the entire afternoon/evening sharing testimonies and having fellowship together. It's when you can still give thanks during the bad days, that's when more good things will come your way. We are all so very blessed. Shared about our walk with God accompanied with good food at places i'll blog about VERY SOON. I won't preach here but i just want to share that i am a very happy girl today and i'm very thankful to be reminded about a lot of great things i have in life. :)

Today i feel a 180degree change in the way i look at my life. I'm really getting on the right track faster than i thought i would. Thank You.