Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Update

Yesterday night i attended the Maybelline Rock The Rocket launch and i finally got to meet Tosh. Honestly, i don't usually fan girl and get so excited when i meet celebrities but i think i was just being crazy yesterday. Lately, i just am not myself! I feel sooo embarrassed right now cus i think i made myself look like such a fool. Aiya but i guess everyone who fan girls behave that way and he should be used to it by now so ALL'S GOOD MAN. Telling myself that's the first and last time i'm gonna behave that stupidly. I'M NOT THAT YOUNG ANYMORE. MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN!!!!

Today has to be the craziest day, woke up at 1pm, had my "breakfast" and then headed down to a Champagne Brunch at Red Dot Museum. Bottles of Moet and DOM kept coming and i just kept downing champagne. Not the best drinker so by 5pm i was drunk. Went to eat at Akashi - LIKE FINALLY, went to sing, went to Zouk and last stop, Mansion. It's 2AM now and i'm so glad i left early. The moment my body met the bed was such an amazing feeling - the bed sure feels like heaven. How crazy was my day?! My feet are so sore from walking around in my 5inch heels. However, i am amazed i can't fall asleep despite the long day. So here i am lying in bed with a million thoughts in my head about life. It's all fun when i'm intoxicated but when i sober up, that's when reality hits me. I feel empty...and lost.

It's been awhile since i talked about my day like how i used to do so frequently.

I'm excited for later. It's Sunday. Jo and H texted me today asking me to go to church. I hope i do wake up in time. I love my friends for reminding me and helping me get back on the right track.