Friday, August 2, 2013

GAP Be Bright

I was recently given a chance to work with GAP and it's really an honour cus GAP is a really big brand in America.

GAP is a classic and modern American brand which inspires individual style! I am pretty sure everyone, young and old, have visited GAP before!

As you hold the new GAP fragrance, be reminded of your colorful jeans!

The carton, like a billboard, playfully spells out the GAP Branding in bold white graphics.

A burst of crisp fruits enveloped with lily, fresh muguet and fluorescent musks…vibrantly feminine.

This is definitely my kind of smell! I like my perfume sweet as sweet scents instantly brighten my mood and make me feel happy. Plus the pink bottle is really pretty – my favourite color is Pink if you don't already know! The bottle is in a bright neon pink and definitely stands out from my other perfume bottles.

A fresh aquatic signature scent infused with black pepper and blue cedar wood…spirited masculinity.

Now if you can't think of anything to give a guy friend, perfumes make a GREAT GIFT! Be it your boyfriend or just a normal friend. I always liked guys who smell nice and well, i'm sure every girl wants their boy to smell nice!

p.s if you're wondering what the 1969 stands for, is the year GAP was founded!


If you're around Ngee Ann City between 1-7 August, go Watsons at the Basement and have some fun! The game requires 3-6 participants and everyone should be dressed in different colors!

Take pictures of you and your friends with the board and upload it on Instagram with #BeBright #GAP #Watsons

The top 2 photos with the most likes will win S$250 worth of GAP fragrances!

Bonus of 25 likes (= 1+9+6+9 likes) will be included while tabulating the results if all 3 friends are in colored jeans!

Rock the pictures in your colored jeans and have a crazy time!

I will also be looking at the #BeBright #GAP hashtags and choosing 5 of my favorite pictures (most interesting poses/outfits) to give away a 50ML bottle of GAP BRIGHT (Pink one) perfume!

FREE GAP BRIGHT FRAGRANCE GIVEAWAY at Watsons Ngee Ann City for first 50 customers dressed in coloured jeans on 3 August, Saturday, 1pm- 3pm!

I will be there to giveaway to these first 50 customers too!

GAP Fragrances an be purchased ONLY from Watsons throughout the month of August!

During this period, the perfume is available at Watsons for only $34.90 (usual price $69)! It is SO AFFORDABLE!!! Maybe stock up and give them away as gifts since perfumes make great gifts and this promotional price is just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Haha.