Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Amore Fitness

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter,you'd realize that i go to Amore to work out now!


I go to the Bugis and Tampines outlet pretty often! The Tampines outlet is HUGE and there's also a swimming pool! I also like the Bugis one a lot because it's small but has all the machines i need for a good work out and the best part? IT IS AN ALL FEMALE GYM. I feel SOOO comfortable working out in an all female gym! I used to go to the gym near my place and there were a lot more guys in the gym. So every time i entered the gym and did my stuff, some guys just won't stop staring? I'm not saying i'm super pretty or anything but it's because i'm one of the only few girls in the gym so i guess they just can't help it. Many times, i don't stay longer than 45 min and i don't even dare be in some stretching positions cus some positions look pretty....suggestive. LOL.

Amore Fitness is the leading fitness gym in Singapore providing unique state-of-the art gym equipments specially designed for women.

Many people have been requesting for me to do a post of my workout and i will! Once i get someone to help me take photos/videos though....? Haha. But anyway, at Amore, you can engage a personal trainer to help you achieve what you want to achieve faster and better. With the help of an Amore Personal Trainer you stay motivated and see results faster than training alone. Personal Training can guide you with accurate exercise techniques thereby increasing your training efficiency while minimizing risks of injury. This will ensure your constant progress and in achieving your fitness goals.

Besides Personal Training, there are 300 fitness workout classes a week to choose from!

Here are some of the classes i personally think looks fun and good!

Pump it up with stylish and unique cardiovascular conditioning and rhythmic dance moves to spice up your workout! Perform movements in various directions coupled with exciting choreography, which is specially designed by Amore’s fitness team! Gear up for an intensive workout to lose that flab while having loads of fun!

StretchFit® fuses unique multi-regional stretching exercises and regular breathing techniques to develop a serene mind, a flexible and strong body. Achieve a better range of motion for daily activities, improving coordination and strength, creating a sense of balance.

A highly intense form of physical and mental conditioning, focusing on the body's powerhouse, abdomen, back and rear. Flowing movements are executed as one focuses on the centering of the body. Achieve a firmer and sleeker body, increased physical agility and improved body alignment.

A high-intensity workout that draws inspiration from martial arts. Kicks and punches are incorporated to integrate both the upper and lower body in a total workout. Improves muscle strength, tone coordination and reflexes.

A highly intensive but slow-paced conditioning workout that uses bar bells, body bars, plates and dumbbells. Expect a combination of aerobic techniques and muscle training moves, excellent for both fat-burning and muscle toning!

All fitness workout classes are facilitated by a pool of highly qualified and experienced instructors.

There are a lot more classes! Go to for more information! :) I have yet to try any of the classes because i am pretty happy with my current work out routine but i would love to try the Kick Boxing and Power Pump Classes soon!

Here's a deal for all of ya'll!!!


$88 AWDO Deal (worth $249.72)


· 2 Weeks Unlimited Fitness Pass (worth $94.16)
· Botaroma Swedish Massage (45 mins, worth $94.16)
· Body Composition Analysis (worth $21.40)
· AWDO Entry Pass (worth up to $40)

Valid till 13 October 2013

For first time female customers above 16 years old only.


All you have to do is answer the question below!

Q: Name the 5 locations of Amore Fitness outlets

Email your answers to with the correct answers! Remember to include your Name, Email Add and Home Address!

Contest ends 27th Sept.