Friday, September 13, 2013

Boyfriend Checklist

I thought it'll be pretty interesting to share the type of guy I like. Over the years, I've met a lot of different guys so by now, I've seen all kinda of guys and I am pretty sure I know the kind I like!

I  pretty different from most girls which means, the type of guys I fall for are the "not so sought after" guys. 

I like guys who are a lil bit shy. The more quiet type. Not too loud and outspoken. A bit mysterious. He has to be smart. Because I've been through a lot in life, I think I know quite a lot. I may not be smart academically but i think im pretty smart in many other areas. My boyfriend has to be pretty knowledgeable because I don't want to feel "smarter than him". He has to hold a stable job and have to be hardworking. Not the type who takes MC and leaves all the time. I can't date boys with no job aka Bummers. Id not be able to see a future with him. Even if he looks like TOP or Daniel Henney, I still cannot overlook the fact he is lazy.  

I like funny and witty boys....but not so much of the joker of the group kind. You know those guys who aren't afraid of making a fool outta themselves and let their friends laugh at them? Nope not that type. He only has to be funny enough to make me laugh and not the world. He has to act cute with me. We have to do a lot of stupid stuff together....sing the stupid songs I put together all the stupid actions and But on the outside, he has to maintain, act like he won't do such stuff. I do like boys who keep it cool. Haha.

He has to speak good English and articulate his words well. My step dad is "ang mo" so in order for him to be able to hold a conversation with him, my bf has to be able to speak well. You know some people have a change of accent when they speak to "ang mo"s and they sound like they are trying very hard? I hate that, if my bf changes his accent like that, id be quite turn off. Really. 

My boyfriend MUST LOVE FOOD. He must enjoy exploring interesting restaurants in Singapore and must be willing to drive from the East to the West of Singapore in search of good food. He must be able to eat as much as me BUT he cannot be FAT. Which is quite difficult because I really eat a lot everyday sooooo it means he must exercise quite a bit too. Best if he enjoys jogging so we can do evening jogs together. 

He doesn't have to be good-looking or have a super good body. But but but he can't be fat. He has to have nice skin. I do like fair-medium skin boy rather than tanned. Also, he has to have a nice visible jawline. That's bout it? Haha. Well I say this (looks dont really matter to me) now because I've seen so many good looking boys who are so messed up and it's really REALLY difficult to find one who meets my criteria. If there's really that one guy who is good looking and fits my criteria, good for me! Also, you must know, good looking guys always have a lot of girls going crazy over them! I don't think I can handle that! I always compare myself to other girls and would feel so sad and inferior. I don't really like competition. But of course the feeling of winning would be nice but still.... I also hope my bf doesn't have a too-hot ex girlfriend cus I will surely talk about her non-stop. Been there, done that!

He has to love animals! Love my dogs! Be able to play with my dogs, ask about my dogs from time to time. I always talk about the things my dogs do so my bf better love them or enjoy listening to such talks!

Im not a clingy girlfriend so my boyfriend cannot be clingy! Cannot spam message or call me cus I hate it. Sometimes I'm busy and don't reply fast, he must be patient and not get paranoid. Maybe cus I trust my bf a lot, I hardly do such stuff anymore! So yes, trust is really VERY important. He has to give me space to meet my friends often. He must be able to trust me and not go crazy whenever I go party. Partying to me is a time I do a lot of PR and meet a lot of people. I like meeting new people - to know more about what people do and learn new stuff! Also it is a time where I spend catching up with my friends cus many have day jobs so we cant meet in the day time. So like he has to know that my intention isn't to cheat on him or whatsoever whenever I go party. We can party together but sometimes I do need to enjoy my girls night out without him there. 

Last but not least, he has to be crazy in love with me. He has to be super caring and enjoy looking after me. He has to call me Princess and treat me like a kid occasionally. Buy me sweets and chocolates. Just those to surprise me occasionally and id be over the moon. Oh and like whenever we go to the petrol kiosk or something, say "Ok! Go get all the sweets u want!" and let me run around excited doing that. I just really like being a kid sometimes!!! Hahaha.

And everyone asks me why I love my ex boyfriend so much? Because he is everything I want! So perfect in my eyes. :)