Monday, September 30, 2013

Coocci Contemporary Japanese

Hidden inside Commonwealth Crescent Market is this stall...

 Coocci Contemporary Japanese

Most of the dishes were sold out by the time we reached at 2pm as it was a weekend. Dishes like the Smoked Chicken Set and Chicken Roulade (noodle soup). I really want to go back to try those because it's their best sellers!

So here are some of the dishes we ordered...

Tori Nanban. Chicken with tartar sauce. The chicken was crispy outside, moist and juicy inside! So well-cooked!

Tortellini Chicken. It does look like won tons but when Sophia and I had our first bite....WE WENT O.O! Super tasty.

I forgot what this is called. Lol. Anyway you have to mix the egg, kim chi and minced meat together with the rice underneath. It was served piping hot on a stone bowl. Super good. It's really good!

Tori-Kare Udon. This was the only dish that didn't impress me. In fact, i was disappointed cus the udon noodles were not chewy at all. The noodles were boiled in water for too long i guess.

We paid $21 for 4 dishes! So it's around $7/dish? CRAZY CHEAP FOR THE QUALITY OF THE FOOD MAN.

While eating and enjoying the food, i kinda forgot that we were at a hawker centre then got reminded when i began perspiring cus there's no air con. LOL. 

Anyway, it's like having restaurant food at hawker prices. MUST-GO!

Coocci Contemporary Japanese
Commonwealth Crescent Market #02-92
118 Commonwealth Crescent ‎
Singapore 140118

Hours: 12PM-3pm 6PM-9pm
Closed on Mondays