Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shopaholic September

For the month of September, you will find tons of Blog Shop Advertorials on my blog because i am calling this month....


I don't know why but last month, i didn't do much shopping so i think i'm using this month to do all the shopping i didn't do in August. LOL! 

And so happened that a lot of blog shops approached me for features too. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD. But i ain't complaining since i am earning from it! From my knowledge, last month was Awfully "Bad" August for businesses and well for me, my heart as well. They say it's the "Ghost Month" that's why? I don't know but never mind because this month will be Super. I JUST KNOW IT. :)

I am also gonna focus on ShopOhsofickle designs so i'll be traveling a lot to source for fabrics and get inspirations! Planning for a revamp in 2014...and i need to start planning now! 

What kind of designs do you girls like? Most of my readers have grown up with me and no longer wear  most of the stuff i sell cus most of them have entered the corporate world? So do you girls want me to bring Corporate wear for ShopOhsofickle? I will need a lot of suggestions!!! 

There'll be a ShopOhsofickle launch tonight at 8PM so check it out later!!! :)


  1. Hi Tammy

    Please bring in more shoes & bags as well :D

  2. How about conducting a survey so that it's easier to identify what your customers want/demand? :)

  3. no no, you should stick to those style of clothes that you're selling now. maybe try sourcing some swimwear too?

  4. Hello TAMZ!! I grew up w you and now I'm 19 :) Just wanna say I still really love your old designs maybe you can design a edgy corporate line/college line? Like really design them I love osf but idw designs I can find at other bs!

  5. Blazers, pants, tops, dresses haha!
    and yes, your wordy posts makes us feel like we could know you a bit more than what we usually see and read on your blog/ other blogs.

    I think it's a good change :)

  6. Hi tammy,

    some suggestions

    -Safe length dresses. I personally love short dresses and skirts, abit skankish and full length maxis.

    -knee and just above the knee length.

    -OSF shoppers have been with you for ages so we are hoping to see the osf element inside.Little details like leather or studs? depending what is the trend?

    -Cut-outs for now, would be ideally at the upper collar or back.

    But the dresses I wanna see would be minimalistic and sleek. If you watch Suits, i love what the women wear there!

    Personally i am a petite, so i would prefer a more sturctured look. I hate OL wearing unfitted and baggy matronly looks.

    woud like OSF COPORATE WEAR to be sleek and modern!

  7. We still need you to bring us the clothes other blogshops arent selling!!! Like how you used to sell michael jackson inspired jackets or black chic as shit dresses?! Yes, i am in the corporate world now but ohsofickle is still my weekend clothes heaven! Maybe corporate clothes that aren't boring!

  8. jiayou, Tammy!! hope you're having a super day!! :) and yes, corporate wear please xx

  9. Hi tammy! dont bring in corporate wear pls just stick to what u usually sell bcs its what differs u from the rest.
    BUT u used to sell more unique stuff back in ur blogspot days. Those were really unique. Cant say exactly what prints but its just really based on your taste in fashion/style that makes us buyers love your style