Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shopaholic September

For the month of September, you will find tons of Blog Shop Advertorials on my blog because i am calling this month....


I don't know why but last month, i didn't do much shopping so i think i'm using this month to do all the shopping i didn't do in August. LOL! 

And so happened that a lot of blog shops approached me for features too. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD. But i ain't complaining since i am earning from it! From my knowledge, last month was Awfully "Bad" August for businesses and well for me, my heart as well. They say it's the "Ghost Month" that's why? I don't know but never mind because this month will be Super. I JUST KNOW IT. :)

I am also gonna focus on ShopOhsofickle designs so i'll be traveling a lot to source for fabrics and get inspirations! Planning for a revamp in 2014...and i need to start planning now! 

What kind of designs do you girls like? Most of my readers have grown up with me and no longer wear  most of the stuff i sell cus most of them have entered the corporate world? So do you girls want me to bring Corporate wear for ShopOhsofickle? I will need a lot of suggestions!!! 

There'll be a ShopOhsofickle launch tonight at 8PM so check it out later!!! :)