Saturday, September 21, 2013


It's Saturday, the F1 Weekend. The weekend i've been looking forward to all September. Sadly, i am in bed........

3 days ago i found a lump on my neck and then yesterday i finally got it checked. It's about 5cm big now and the doctor said he doesn't really know what it is. Got some tests done and he contacted me this morning telling me all's good. The lump's still there and it freaking hurts. :( I can't seem to do anything properly cus the pain gives me a headache so all i wanna do is lie down. Praying hard this goes away on its own!

Anyway, in exactly 1 month time, a company is flying my best friend and i to Korea for Plastic Surgery! It's gonna be an all sponsored trip and i am excited! I didn't think i'd actually get any work done because i have to save a lot a lot of $ for some stuff but since it's all free...why not right? ;) I've always wanted to find out more about Plastic Surgery in Korea but it's not easy as not many are open to sharing so i guess that's why the team is sending my best friend and i over so we can share more about our experience. I'm excited but also a little bit scared!! Really hope i look chio-er! Hehe. So it means have 1 month to enjoy my current face....CAM WHORE MORE!

I rarely ever post a no filter/photoshop big face pic so here's one before doing stuff to it...