Friday, October 18, 2013


Heineken had its iconic Heineken Green Room last Friday at Gillman Barracks. Known for pushing music boundaries, Heineken Green Room is a ‘by-invitation-only’ series of innovative music events established since 2002, allowing music aficionados to explore new music dimensions & progressive sounds, long before they become fads. For this year's Heineken Green Room, Heineken pushes the envelope on innovation once again by taking over revelers on a multi-sensorial journey – aural, visual and now smell.

Upon registration, partygoers were also issued with mini zero blasters to create their own smoke rings in synchrony with the party beats. Starting at 9pm, over 700 party revelers surrendered themselves to the mastery of Dean Chew's fingertips as he manipulates the decks and the ScenthesizerTM, sending signature scents, attuned to the highs, mids and lows of the music at the by-invite only party. Dean Chew a.k.a DJ Funk B, the trailblazing local DJ who is one half of duo Cosa Nostra and co-founder of the Darker than Wax label worked in tandem with Terry Jacobson, an scent expert to bring to multi-sensorial Heineken Green Room to reality.

Music mavens and Green Room fanatics continued to experience how the bass heavy sounds of DJ Pinch, one of the pioneers that defined 'Bristol sound' and London-based DJ cum producer Mosca were married together with the scents produced specifically for Heineken Green Room, leaving party revelers an epic Green Room experience.