Monday, October 14, 2013

HerVelvetVase Moodbox

Floral trousers from

This online store needs no further introduction i'm sure! This post is gonna be about their newly launched HVV MOODBOX! I really like the idea of it. :)


If you're into receiving an X'mas present every month, you definitely want to look out for this!

First up, choose the type of subscription that best fits you! Then let us know all about your mood for the month (happy, edgy, sparkly or even confused?), color and size preferences.

It gets really simple from here.

You'll get an introduction email to get you started … and then, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we prepare an amazing HVV MoodBox with an outfit specially curated just for you!

You also get a reminder email every month to select from a list of mood options. We change options pretty frequently to keep everything fun and very refreshing! On top of that, our team also works very hard to get partners and sponsors on board from time to time so you can be sure that each box is really, incredibly unique!

I recently received mine and it was really exciting opening a package not knowing what to expect!!!

Ok actually, i sorta knew what to expect but.....not really? LOL. 

Because when you subscribe to the MOODBOX, you have to fill this up...

In my MOODBOX, I received a blue train dress, a silver clutch, a beige bralet, leather long pants, some soap and shampoo! 

It's really worth every penny and yes, it was a really pleasant surprise. :)

Go get a MOODBOX of your own now!


Win a mini mood box by following the instructions BELOW!