Sunday, October 13, 2013


It's been weeks of going to the doctor and back and still, I'm not diagnosed with anything because I need to undergo more tests and scans. It's a freaking waste of time and money and I feel myself getting more and more sick each day?? On thur I went to the hospital only to realise I was there for them to schedule another appointment for a CT scan and not to receive any medication or whatsoever. Pissed me off because I feel like shit paying the consultation fees just to schedule appointments after appointments. Now I have in total 2 appointments to go for before a final diagnosis?!? Another week of feeling lethargic and shitty to go through. Worst part, it's my birthday week!

Last night I had a birthday dinner with tons of awesome people and I really enjoyed everyone's company but the worst part is I kept gg to the toilet to puke and couldn't enjoy the food properly. Then we went to Zouk Velvet and all I could do was sit down instead of drinking and partying the night away with everyone cus my head was pounding and my stomach kept churning. I felt like a complete ass for leaving everyone there to go home cus my body felt weak and tired. 

I really pray I feel better ASAP cus I've been putting some work on hold due to this and I've the plastic surgery trip coming soon? So worrying. Sigh sigh.

Oh and yesterday my friend gave me a talk on insurance, that I should quickly switch my savings insurance to a health insurance ASAP. And she said everyone should get health insurance regardless of age cus nobody knows when they would fall terribly ill! Kinda worried it's too late for me though but here's a heads up for the rest of y'all planning to get insurance or is alr holding savings insurance! 

I look forward to doing my bday celebration post! Prolly going up tomorrow? :)