Wednesday, October 9, 2013

$10 "Epicanthoplasty"

I have very round eyes and in a week's time, i will be undergoing Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty. It is cutting the inner and outer corner of eyes to widen and lengthen it so it doesn't look so round as i prefer longer, more almond shaped eyes.

Before > After
My results should look like this because my eyes look very similar to the "before"!

Because i will have to try getting used to getting the "long" eyes i've always wanted, recently i've been drawing my eyeliner a certain way!

I thought it'll be helpful to share this secret i have been using to make my eyes look wider. :)

When i draw my eyes this way, i try not to take close up shots cus if i do, it'll look like this....

So the tip is to draw a small triangle at the inner corner and then at the outer corner i'll extend it! 

This is the cheapest and painless way to achieve the wide almond shaped eyes you can see in the following shots...

I call this the $10 Epicanthoplasty.....cus all you need is a good thin tip eyeliner which costs only $10! 

If you have round eyes like mine, try it!!! You'll look kinda weird up-close but when you take pictures from afar, your eyes will look a lot bigger and nicer. :) If you're afraid of going under the knife or cannot afford to, this will really be very helpful. 

I really am looking forward to my surgery already!!!!