Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The next time you go to Bangkok, you have to check out this restaurant called Audrey.

It is the prettiest restaurant i've ever seen! Plus, i am such a fan of Audrey Hepburn (the portrait on my calf is of her btw)!

The food was so-so, wasn't too pleased with it. However, the desserts are definitely worth it!


Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake

Must-try! It's so so yummy. It's not too sweet and it has this light refreshing taste. I was surprised cus it looks damn sweet la? BUT I CAN FINISH THE ENTIRE THING ON MY OWN. Which means it doesn't give you that "jer-lat" feeling. 

This was also amazing. The curry-puff looking thing has chocolate inside. So so good. 

This was also impressive! Roti-prata with Thai Tea Custard Sauce at the side and a vanilla ice cream. The combination was fantastic!

We left the restaurant in the evening when the sky turned dark and when we saw the lights we were all like "omg so damn pretty!". So dreamy!

More info on Audrey can be found here: