Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bad Stuff

So a month or 2 back, i briefly mentioned i wasn't in good health and i went through several check ups.

All the money spent on check ups and all...heart pain! :( Sure didn't help that i was using my hard earned money to pay for everything. At one point of time i wanted to just give up on the check ups and fuck it but am glad i went with it and now am on medicines lah cus if it worsens i might have to spend an even bigger bomb.

Today i'm finally put on medication. It is quite unfortunate i've to be on this medication for almost a year but well, hey, i'm still alive~~~ i should be thankful.....? BUT WALAO WHY I SO SUAY TO BE SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE. Moreover, it wasn't like i did anything to get it. I've always been quite healthy what? Ok maybe i eat a bit too much for my own good but that ain't THAT bad cus at least i eat and have enough nutrients? Plus, i exercise frequently. Oh well, such is life. My life is forever full of ups and downs. The doctor said i cannot travel overseas for quite a long time. That made me cry today because HOW AM I GOING TO RUN SHOP OHSOFICKLE?! :( :( :( I was supposed to fly off tomorrow (Thur) to get stocks for my X'Mas collection but the doctor was strict and said no way i'm going. This certainly wasn't good news and made me feel super stressed up all day today. I think i've found a solution for my stocks though but due to past experiences, i always feel that no one will work as hard for a company that isn't their own.  Times like these, i wish i didn't have so much responsibilities. I wish my parents were rich so i wouldn't have to worry about not getting by every month. Everyone thinks my life rocks but little do they know what happens in my life offline. Well i try to make it look awesome cus i'm a blogger and and and i was told if you have a positive energy you attract good things in your life.

I'm quite scared of the side effects of the medicine but i'm trying my best to stay positive and pray my body will be ok with it! Once i hit reach a month i might blog about the whole treatment and more on the illness i'm facing so if anyone faces the same thing they would know what to do and how everything will be like. I'm actually super thankful a friend of mine had it before and shared her experience with me. When i was told the bad news yesterday, i was already mentally prepared for the shit load of medicines they were going to prescribe. Damn, the amount of pills i've to consume every single day for a year. URGH.