Saturday, December 7, 2013



It’s been about a year plus since I last worked with Snupped and boy have they made quite a lot of changes. For those of you who missed my last post with them, Snupped allows you to design your own custom made gadget cases or select a design from their pre-existing range.

So what’s new? They have revamped their entire product range and introduced a new line of cases called the spacesuit.They are made of a military grade weatherproof material and padded with dense rubber to protect your precious MacBooks and laptops. PLUS, you can now upload your own designs and images from your iPhone or computers.

Spacesuit - Designed and customised for your MacBooks, laptops, tablets and can even be used as a clutch!

Spacebook - Customisable tablet case for your iPads and tablets!

There is something zen about their cases. It’s extremely well made, functional, and delightfully simple! Each and every case is crafted only after you’ve placed an order with them, making it very special indeed. Regardless of the size, design or interior colours, they will make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Here’s the case that I picked =))))

It's really hard to find laptop bags in SG. Especially one which has a nice design and HAS A HANDLE. The handle is super important for me. I'm really a loyal supporter of SNUPPED - the past 3 laptop bags i own are all from SNUPPED! :) 

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Valid Till: 14 December

*hint* iPhone customisable hard cases are coming soon this Christmas!