Tuesday, December 3, 2013


So...on the 30 November, i took my driving test for the 5th time and...


Wow 5 is really my favorite number?! Hahaha but well, to need 5 tries to get my license isn't exactly something i'm very proud of but hey, AT LEAST I DID IT. 

When i announced the good news to my friends, all of them went "Finally". Haha. Many of them told me to just give up cus they assume i'd be a road hazard. However, i really think i'm not that bad leh?!?! I just have a huge problem with nervousness. When i took the test the previous times, i screwed up because i kept shaking and many times my mind just went blank cus the tester is so damn intimidating! And every time i failed, my driving instructor would be shocked because he always is damn confident i'd pass.

Anyhow, i'm glad i got it over and done with and now hold a driver's license. YAY ME!

Yesterday C put her life in my hands and gave me the chance to drive on the road LEGALLY for the first time. First time on the highway was extremely scary! I had to drive at a speed above 60km/h and not stop? But i am proud of myself for getting from East Coast to Bukit Batok. HAHA. Can't wait to save enough for my own car. :)