Sunday, December 29, 2013


"Bloggers are humans too, they feel the same as we do, why couldn't they express their horror and disgust at something unethical?"

I'm quite kpo la but it's my blog so I have every right to post what I feel about people/things.

As girls, we gotta always remember this important line "SISTERS OVER MISTERS"!!

Some people make it sound like I'm defaming an innocent party. There are so many issues to address, why this?

Have you wondered why of all people? I've never participated in most online dramas or addressed issues like that concerning other bloggers before. Even if I do, I won't drop obvious clues. But why is this an exception?

I have actually given her the benefit of a doubt and never spoken ill of her despite knowing not so nice stuff about her from "victims". I even said it to her once "you should change yourself cus you can't survive in this industry if you don't know how to Zuo Ren". Not only have I heard stuff from other bloggers and my good friends, I heard stuff from sponsors I recommended her to. It's like I felt bad for introducing her to them. Nothing like the angel she portrays to be.

I am gonna get flamed. What do I gain? Nothing much, really. But I'm actually quite relieved I did it though. I've said my piece, voiced out what most people feel about the incident. That's all!

All along I've blogged about my views on certain issues and no one has said it was childish to give my views so what's so different now...? Anyhows, I really cannot tolerate such acts and it is something I have a lot to say about whether or not it involves her. Before I actually blogged about it, I made sure it was true - to a certain extent. Obviously things I hear might have been exaggerated and all but I'm sure there's truth in it. Singapore is so small I would think this issue only happens on TV shows but since it's happening to a person most of us know, that makes it an interesting topic to discuss.

Well if she was really "in love" with a guy she shouldn't be in love with (ya I know how stupid girls can be), the least she could've done was to talk to her friend before things got serious. Instead of hiding everything and doing things behind her back. It will still be wrong but it makes it "not so bad" cus at least she's "honest" and not a liar. People make mistakes. I understand. But when you do some things, there are consequences. This, I guess, is what you have to face. You think you can get away with wrong-doings so easily all the time...and then act like an angel? Nah-uh not this time. Your record ain't so clean anymore.

Comment from someone:
"I do not know the first hand account of what has happened but I truly feel that your actions are wrong and shameful.. how can you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend even while he was still together with your friend.. you said you would give anything to change the timing, you regretted not being the first to tell your friend the truth. So why did you hesitate telling her the brutal truth in the first place and instead took to twitter to post elusive and indirect tweets about the guy.. tweeting how you have found "an angel, a rare gem" and its so disgusting that you still didn't tell your friend when she saw your tweet and asked you who. Tweeting things like you wouldn't mind breaking your heart a thousand times just so you could "live in the white hot heat with the guy" isnt it quite obvious what attracts you to the guy is mostly lust and sexual desire? What makes it love? Do not taint the sanctity of love by using it as a justification for your unreasonable and selfish actions. Sure, I completely understand you since certain feelings are unavoidable and uncontrollable, but you shouldn't have slept with your friend's boyfriend even knowing she was deeply in love with him. You could have tell her your feelings for him first.. anything better than that. Can you even imagine how your friend would feel hearing about how her supposedly best friend is screwing with her boyf behind her back. And no dont give the excuse that he is available because "they were not together". You know that they are more than friends yet you chose to do that, just because you want to be happy. Is your happiness much more important than others? What makes you think that only uou deserve your happiness but others are okay with being deprived of their happiness because of your selfish act? Even if the act was done you should have waited for the storm to be over before posting a photo of your new boyf on instagram. Whats the use of blurring the photo? Are you trying to make a stand using that photo, to prove to them that you have done right in "fighting" for your happiness? No you didnt fight for your happiness, you obviously gethapiness by backstabbing others. The worst part is, you don't even repent. You dont feel sorry at all. Sure, you are sorry for not being the first to break the news to your friend, like what you have stated in your post. But, clearly, there is no mention of the remorse you feel for sleeping with your friend's boyf and its something you dont regret and would still do it even if given a second chance. Even your remorse and guilt are self centered. You are sad to lose a companion in the form of your ex. You are sad to lose a best friend. At the end of the day, you are distraught to witness people leaving from your side, but there is no mention of their feelings and the betrayal they felt."

P.s I'm not perfect. I'm no angel either. I've made mistakes in life and paid the price for it. This is not a post of me trying to portray a goody two shoes image of myself cus I know I'm not.