Monday, December 16, 2013

Zouk Out 2013

Despite not being able to consume alcohol as i'm on medication (and will be for the next 6-9 months :'( ), i still went for Zouk Out! How could i miss the biggest beach party of the year right? 

I went for both nights and am so glad to see so many chio friends.

Not much to say so imma just post pictures i took with my pretty friends....and of course, all with my face :P too bad, it's ma blog.

Sad thing was my phone's reception was so bad so i was left angsty as i missed out some fun with other friends cus i couldn't find them and my phone didn't want to cooperate. Still, i enjoyed the music from my room. Please try to book a room at Sentosa if you go to ZoukOut....that is if you can afford to because getting a cab back after the party can be a real pain in the ass! I heard so many stories of people waiting for hours to get a cab. One of my close friends had to even resort to...touting. So illegal in Singapore but some cab drivers can be bad asses when it comes to $$$.