Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I'm sure you girls have heard of them?
But perhaps you've forgotten what this catchy brand has for you all!

Lastbusride offers a variety range of clothes, to provide the best shopping experience for all customers of different style!

Such as loud, sweet, casual, feminine, younger age crowd and many more!
I'm sure that's definitely something for you girls to grab from this store!

At the same time, they do provide INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING now!!
So now, their clothes are available for everyone all over the world~

They do provide self collection over at Far East Plaza!! So if you can't wait for your item, you can choose that option and grab your item fast!

At the same time! They do have physical racks over at these three places! You can drop by them every week as the items over there are freshly topped up, and there's many exclusive items there too!!

And now, there's something special for my readers too!!


So now what are you waiting for?

Go on and shop with them now!