Monday, January 27, 2014

Wimbly Lu

When i first heard of the place Wimbly Lu, i'm like, what? Who's that? Hahaha. So anyway, it's a place which serves super good desserts just beside The Cajun Kings.

After a super full meal with the boys at The Cajun Kings (see the post below), we still went for desserts since the queue wasn't THAT long and IT'S RARE. The previous time i went, the queue was mad long and i didn't get to try it.

The best part about my foodie boys is that THEY LOVE TO EAT AS MUCH AS I DO. So it's really a joy dining with them. Plus i don't feel so bad about my huge appetite. It's like I BLEND IN SO WELL. Haha.


So we ordered quite a bit...and finished it all because THE CAKES AND WAFFLES ARE SOOOOO GOOD.

Root Beer Cake with Ice Cream

The cake really tasted like root beer! It was like having a root beer float.

Nutella Tart

Rocky Mountain - Chocolate with Marshmallow

I didn't really like this although it tasted good because as the name suggests, it's really a rock haha.

Hazelnut Butterscotch Bar
Tasted super good cus of the butterscotch but i wish it came in a cake form, softer and easier to share cus this was pretty hard.

Waffles are crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. PERF!!!!

I've heard about their Molten Lava Cake and i must try that the next time! :)

One of the best dessert place i've been to in SG. Plus the place is so pretty.

Wimbly Lu
15 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
+65 6289 1489