Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello February

I can't believe how quick January flew by. I can't even believe it's 2014 already. 

This year's CNY i saw myself catching up on sleep and just being a total bum. Ain't complaining because i'm loving it!

Here are some pictures from my camera! Didn't take much pictures cus i'm getting chubby....and my complexion is worsening by the day cus of all the junk i've been consuming. Haha.

 A few days back we got invited to the Gala for THE LION MEN. I loved the show! Am super impressed and proud of it cus it's a Singaporean film. Plus i found a new eye candy - the girl who's the main lead. Hehe. Go catch it if you haven't!

Shoes from P.V.S (Cineleisure #02-05) - Mention Ohsofickle/Tammy for 5% off! Won't reveal where i got the top from but i'm doing a similar piece for OSF so look out for it if you like the top! :)

I hope you all had an awesome weekend break because i did!!!

This post is totally random but i just wanted to update this space.

New banners at the side, do check 'em out!

Today i made the biggest decision of my life but i'll wait until everything is good before i share the news. It's scary but exciting.....