Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kway Chap

I had Kway Chap for supper 2 days in a row! On a hunt for the best Kway Chap so yesterday i asked people to recommend me places to go for good Kway Chap.

What is Kway Chap?
A Teochew dish of flat, broad rice sheets in a soup made with dark soy sauce, served with pig parts (small/big intestines, stomach, skin...etc), braised duck meat, various kinds of beancurd, preserved salted vegetables, and braised hard-boiled eggs.

Yesterday, I went to the one at Bishan!

KPT Blk 284 Bishan Street 22
8.30pm - 4am

And today, i went to the one at Toa Payoh!

Blk 93 Toa Payoh Lor 4 #01-198
Opening hours:
5.30pm – 12.00am
Closed on Mondays

Kway Chap at Bishan V.S Kway Chap Toa Payoh

Both are good but I liked the Toa Payoh one more! The Toa Payoh one was more salty and tasty. The soup is also topped with fried shallots! Plus the chili was spicier and me being such a chili lover obviously prefers it spicier. It was so much cheaper at Toa Payoh too! Paid only $10 in all! Whereas we paid $20+ at Bishan for the same amount of food. However, if you want to have Kway Chap for supper after 12midnight, you can go to Bishan - it opens all the way till 4am. :)