Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pet Expo

Pet Expo 2014, Singapore Largest PET-ducational Fair, is proud to introduce Singapore’s very own celebrity pets! If you love animals, more so adorable ones like Amber, the Golden Retriever and Bobo, the talented skateboarding English Bulldog, then don’t miss meeting them up close and personal at Singapore Expo.

Amber, the Golden Retriever

Date: 1st March, Saturday Time: 4pm Venue: Stage Area

Loved by over 48,000 Facebook fans, Amber is one and half year old Golden Retriever is part of a lovely family including two young sisters. Amber’s Facebook page details her daily life, not excluding her funny antics and interactions with the family and other young kids she comes across.

In addition, the Golden Retriever Club of Singapore (GRCS) will be holding the Largest Golden Retriever Gathering in Singapore, aiming to break the record in Singapore Book of Records. Interested participants can register their interest with GRCS.

Bobo, the Skateboarding English Bulldog

Date: 1st March, Saturday Time: 2pm Venue: Stage Area

Have you heard of Bobo, Singapore's first skateboarding dog? If you haven’t, you must meet him at Pet Expo 2014!

Since August 2013, when Bobo’s owner discovered the little pooch’s talent, the 3-year old English Bulldog has been part of the hip and cool skateboarding circuit at various skate parks in Singapore. A canine superstar in his own right, Bobo will be making his first public appearance at Pet Expo. Get your cameras ready for Bobo’s skateboarding performance!

Pet Expo Courses

Pet owners can gain invaluable practical experience when they participate in the hands-on courses at Pet Expo. Courses include basic grooming for dog, cat and rabbit; agility and Frisbee training for dogs; as well as managing your dog’s behavioural issues.

Parents can also learn more on how to educate their young kids to love and care for their pets, as well as to develop a sense of responsibility and respect towards animals. In addition, the workshop will feature a demonstration on how young kids can handle and safely interact with pet dogs.

All courses require pet owners to be in attendance with their pets with the exception of:

* Dog Behavioural Management (Workshop)

* Educating Kids and Pets (Workshop)

* Basic Cat Care and Grooming Essentials (Demonstration)

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Pet Expo Seminars

A series of seminar topics has been planned to educate pet owners and lovers on various topics of interest including pet welfare, grooming tips and behavioral assessment. Participants can meet pet experts to gain insights and tips about caring for your pet.

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