Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pink my Ride

It has always been my dream to own a pink beetle car! I once said my first car is gonna be a pink beetle and who would've thought it would REALLY BE A PINK BEETLE!!!!!

Even if i could afford a better, more expensive car, i always said it'll be a pink beetle FIRST no matter what. :)

I had a post years back about my dream car and when i posted the picture of it, some people still remember that post! I'm actually really happy people remember my dream car hahaha.

I remember back when i was in primary school, i was CRAZY over Barbie. My Barbie had a huge mansion and drove a pink beetle. The mansion was CRAYYYYY! My neighbor Sheryl & I were Barbie freaks and her collection was even more massive. The amount of money we'd spend on Barbie's clothes and shoes every week was mad. That was when i found my passion for fashion....and my love for the Volkswagon Beetle. 

I am so so so thankful for my bf for helping me make my dream come true! Today he even sent the car for more modification so it'll be even more chio....I really love how it is already but he's like no, i think you need to change to LED lights and this and that. Hmm...great to have a perfectionist bf i guess? Haha. 

The day i got the car in my hands and drove it felt like a dream. IT WAS SO HARD TO BELIEVE THIS CAR IS ACTUALLY MINE. The color is PERFECT. I can't seem to capture the actual color of it but i know i want to do a nice photoshoot with it! I MUST HAVE PICTURES TO REMEMBER HAVING THIS CAR FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Now that this piece good news is out...

ONE MORE I'LL REVEAL IN 1-2 WEEKS TIME! Which is bigger, more exciting news. ;)