Monday, February 24, 2014


Running an online business is something a lot of people are doing right now because the overheads are so much lower! If you are intending to set up an online business, the first thing you need is a good e-commerce solution to help you set up your online store. It is best to start with an e-commerce store instead of just doing it on Livejournal or Blogger as it's more professional when you do a proper webstore.

I've used a lot of different e-commerce programs in the past few years because as you know, i've been running an online store since 2007! Believe me when i say i've tried A LOT of programs. Many times, my web store would jam up due to high traffic as the servers always crash. That caused A LOT of inconvenience for me and my customers always felt disappointed. I changed many different programs and it was really tough to find a good one that wasn't too pricey.

Until one day, another online store owner recommended i try SHOPIFY and i never regretted the switch! Gone are the days my web store would crash whenever i have a new collection! The best e-commerce program i've used because it's so much cheaper than the previous one i was using. There were a lot of things i could customize and do on my own (like choosing a theme for the webstore - this can cost up to $1k) so i saved myself A LOT of money.

When i was told that i am going to do a post on Shopify, i was more than glad to do so! I've always wanted to share this wonderful e-commerce solution with all of you.

What is Shopify?
An E-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and response orders – all with a few clicks of the mouse.

So, how do you set up a store?

You begin with setting up an account with Shopify!

Click here:

How do you choose a theme?

I spent days and nights customizing the theme for! It's really fun! When people ask me how much i paid to get my web design done, they find it unbelievable when i tell them it's FREE.

You can take a look at the work i did all by myself at :)

What other awesome features are there in Shopify?

Mobile Site!
Your Shopify plan includes a free, built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. This means your customers can browse and buy from your store while on the go, using any mobile phone!

Many Payment Methods!
All accounts are enabled with PayPal, Google Checkout, and onsite payment gateways. Integrated with over 70 payment gateways in 100 different countries

Support Team!
Available 24/7 TOLL FREE HOTLINE 8001811121

Singtel-Shopify Value-Add Bundle!

And if you are ready to start your own online business now...Shopify is giving 5 of my lucky readers a chance to win a 3-month free Shopify starter kit!

To enter the contest, just email your name, HP number and shop name to, and explain 1) Why you want to set up an online store and 2) What you plan to sell! 

You’ll be notified via email/phone if you’ve been chosen!

Do note that the contest is only open to Singapore residents.