Friday, April 4, 2014

Week #16

I feel so shitty today. I have been feeling nauseated since yesterday. Threw up just a minute ago. I'm not sure if I ate something wrong or if it's the pregnancy morning sickness? Didn't have morning sickness the whole time I was preggers so I don't know if it can suddenly happen in Week 16? Or did I eat something wrong...? Man I feel so so so crappy. Yesterday I ate lunch a little later than usual and when I felt hungry, I felt like puking. Felt better instantly after having a bowl of hot soup and rice. Then came dinner, I had baked rice and I'm not sure if it's the cheese or what but right after I felt like puking. :(

I also did mention how my energy went up when I reached Week 12 right? It looks like it went down this week! I feel tired by 6pm now and I have struggle to keep myself awake till 10pm before going to bed so I won't mess my body clock. 

This week I also found out the gender! A lot of people find out a lil later but my baby was in a good position so yay! 

So happy to hear the news because I've always wanted to buy baby clothes and I can start now. Woohoo!