Monday, April 7, 2014

My Baby's Gender + Week #17

I'm having a boy! 

A lot of my friends wondered if I felt sad about it since I mentioned I wanted a girl last time. Before pregnancy and before everything felt so real, I can easily say "I want a girl!" but when everything happens and you really have a baby in you, you won't even care! Well for me la...cus I didn't really care anymore after Week 10.  After weeks into the pregnancy, whatever gender my baby was didn't matter. As long as I give birth to a healthy baby, boy or girl also can! 

The doctor went through my blood test results and the oscar results. Around Week 14, your ob/gyn will ask you to do several tests to see if your baby is at risk for down syndrome or anything.  I was so happy everything is going well. I'm healthy and so is my baby! Made me really relieved and happy because before the appointment I was worried as hell! I asked my mother a million questions and I was so so paranoid. Some days my tummy was so huge and some days it just looked normal...a lil too small for a pregnant lady. It was really weird and made me do so much reading on belly bumps. I couldn't feel the baby's movement yet so I couldn't stop wondering if my baby was alive and doing well in me. Ok yeah, I said it!! I was really REALLY worried but didn't want to talk about it on my blog. All that worrying made me realise how much I love this baby already and how much I wanted him/her to be safe and sound.

When the doctor did a scan and asked "do you see what is in between your baby's legs?", I smiled and I nearly burst into tears. I was really really happy, the feeling was overwhelming. I realised whatever gender my baby was, id react the same. I really have this unexplained happiness and love for this baby in me already. :') can't wait to meet you baby boy!

Oh yay! The shitty feeling is GONE. The nausea lasted 2 days and it only happens if I eat too late. I usually have breakfast at 10am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7pm. If I miss any meal or eat 2 hours later, that 2 hours will feel like hell cus I'd keep wanting to vomit. Throughout the day I snack too so I won't feel hungry. I usually have a small box of honey stars or Koko Krunch with me to munch on. 

I've been feeling REALLY lethargic lately :( I miss waking up fresh and energetic because this few days I wake up and all I wanna do is go back to sleep. I cannot stop yawning the entire day and because I'm so tired I have no mood to do anything and when I have to do something I get a little cranky. Come back, Energy!!!! COME BACK!!!!

Lately I've been drinking a lot of Apple Juice, Guess that's this week's craving!

Oh and I should never ever try to curb a craving. I suck at it. Especially during this pregnancy period. For example, today I craved for cup noodles but it's unhealthy and I just had it the day before so I didn't want to have it again for brunch today. Had brunch cus I woke up late. So I chose to eat healthier - a cup of milo, an apple, a bowl of grapes, mango, 4 slices of raisin bread and a bowl of mushroom soup with a lot of mushrooms. Now that should fill me up right??

WELL IT DID! But...when I crave something, if I don't have it, even if I'm full after eating a full meal THERE'S STILL SPACE FOR IT. I was really full but my mind just couldn't stop thinking of my tom yum cup noodles. So yes, I had it. Now that's A LOT for lunch. Haha. Pffftt.