Thursday, May 15, 2014

Baby's Kicks

I felt my baby really kick last week and since then, I have been lying down a lot hoping to feel it more! What does it actually feel like? It the beginning it felt like butterflies in my stomach, very weird "gas in stomach" feeling. Then slowly as weeks past, it gets stronger and stronger and now it really feels like someone kicked you from inside. Haha. 

It's really weird because baby kicks whenever I least expect it? Sometimes it gives me a shock!! And then when I hope to feel it, especially before bed time, he won't move. And also sometimes when he's kicking and I can feel it (sometimes see my belly move slightly), i would ask the bf to put his hand on my belly so he can feel it too but then baby will just stop kicking. One time, bf had his hands on my belly for 15 min and baby didn't move and when he took his hand away, I felt the kicks! And asked the bf to put his hand there again, and baby stopped. Walau, made me look like I was lying and making it up? Hahaha. Why ah?!?!

It is a wonderful feeling when you finally feel your baby kick!!! To feel your baby move in your belly is such an amazing feeling. It is so unbelievable?! Everytime baby kicks, I feel super happy because it means he is alive and kicking hahaha! When he doesn't move, I feel worried though.... :/ but doc said it's normal! A lot of first time mothers worry as much as I do. Oh man, I just want to carry him and kiss him sooo bad. In 4 months time I will!!! :) 

It's a reminder for me to be more careful too. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant and attempt to carry really heavy stuff or shift furniture around. Especially the past week when I was busy with the new place! Tried to move a sofa and got scolded. I don't really like asking people for help but I guess this is period I should!! And I should enjoy it too hehe. 

Can't wait for the day I manage to capture his kicks on video. I've seen some people post videos of their belly moving and it's super cool!