Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week #23

When they said your boobs will become bigger during pregnancy, i thought it'll be like before my period when it becomes hard and swollen. However, that isn't the case at all! I used to be a B75/C70.  Now...i can no longer fit a C cup bra. I tried a C80 that day and the cup can't cover my aerola? Which means i'm probably a D now...and i wonder if it's going to get bigger when it's filled with milk? Or is it already filled with milk? Haven't done much research on pregnant boobies yet so i guess the next few days i'll be busy reading up on it! I guess during this period i'll just wear my padded tube bras. 

I always thought it'll be damn sexy and awesome to have D cup breasts but...IT'S REALLY NOT EASY FINDING CLOTHES THAT FIT. I do kinda love them at times but then, I have to wear L size now because of the boobies. Oh and one thing, no one told me about bigger and darker areola - they look like cookies now......chocolate chip cookies HAHA. 

Thank goodness the tummy is bigger than the boobies so people know I'm preggers and i get excused for showing 'em big boobies right? Do i? Or still slutty? Hahaha. I asked my boyfriend what if my boobies remained this big till after i give birth and he's like.."huh...the go get reduction lor". Guess he is one of those rare breeds who doesn't like huge breasts. :/

Recent Food Cravings?


I've been addicted to White Rabbit Sweets, Soya Milk with Pearl (especially the one from Mr Bean), Milk Tea with Pearl (KOI), Frozen Yogurt and ICE CREEEEAM (Haagan Dazs's Pistachio, Macadamia Nut...).

Is it because my boobies needs milk so i'm craving all things milky? Haha.

This weekend was great. It was the "soft launch" of the new place. Still no cable tv, internet so we can't do a proper house warming. So happy to receive so many compliments about the new place. All mommy's and my hard work - mostly mommy's haha! Had my close friends over to help me pack stuff and cooked a feast for them. One more week till the fibre optic guy comes to get my internet service and cable tv up. When they told me i had to wait almost 2 weeks i was kinda upset cus it means the next 2 weeks the beautiful apartment is still gonna be vacant. Unless my friends bring DVDs over lor.  The best part about this condo is definitely the pool - it is Awesome. It's so big! I usually have to do 20 laps to feel tired at the pool at my parent's place but at the new place it's 10 cus it's longer distance.