Thursday, May 1, 2014

Skinlite Exfoliating Foot Mask

I was at SASA last week and whenever I'm at such places I always buy a lot of random stuff to try. I was looking at exfoliating scrubs and saw this foot mask pack. The SA said it's super good and that I have to try it so I did! I've tried a few before in the past but this AMAZED me...continue reading if you are keen.

I put it on for an hour and when I was done I dried my feet and it did feel softer but not "baby soft" as I expected. It didn't really feel like it actually exfoliated my skin? Felt a bit cheated then read the back of the packaging and they said peeling only happens 4-7 days after use.

Now that's a bit weird??? I mean when u wash if off and all isn't it off already? I use a mask and then have to wait 4-7 days for the magic to happen. Confirm fake lah. Or maybe my feet is just too smooth already nothing to exfoliate *proud* because after all, I'm one who goes for pedicures monthly so my feet are pretty smooth already.

I have this weird habit if rubbing my feet together before bed time and the next few days it felt normal and smooth. Totally forgot about the foot mask already and then came Day 5, I just finished a long hot bath and was lying in bed. Rubbed my feet together and it was rough like mad! Looked at my feet and THIS SHOCKED ME! It was so gross but I was also happy at the same time because my feet did look like the pic behind the foot mask packaging! Haha. Trust me my feet is normally smooth and i used this just to have even smoother and softer feet and not because i have problematic rough feet. So such a result was indeed AMAZING. Did not know i had THAT much "dead skin".

I slowly peeled the loose dangling skin and whoaaaa?!! It was gross but honestly it did feel slightly therapeutic leh... :X like if I peeled a super big piece id be all "OMG WOW!!!! *amazed* *runs to my mother and shows it to her*" LOL

The next 2 days more peeling happened and it is now ALMOST all done and MY FEET IS SO SOFT AND SMOOTH. It feels even better than after a Classic Pedicure with Scrub and Mask treatment etc. I was told before that it they scrub ur feet with the pumice stone or foot file too much it'll harden the skin too which is true! Usually it's soft for 2-3 days after scrubbing/filing then the skin will start to harden which is something i don't like! Wish i didn't start filing my feet because it was smoother in the past. I think i won't do the scrub/filing anymore and will just use this foot mask, i believe it will keep my feet soft for a longer period! Good product!!

This isn't a paid advert! I'm just happy and amazed!