Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week #20

Baby Bump Week 20

Happy May Day~ I have hit the halfway mark of my pregnancy. Super excited to go for my super thorough scan next week and see my baby again. I always look forward to my appointments cus it's the only time i can see my baby moving and hear my baby's heart beat. 

I had a HUGE shock a few days ago. Rushed to the Gynae because i had cramps SOOOO bad i wanted to cry. Turned out i had an upset tummy and full of gas. Thank goodness it was nothing serious but omg i was soooo worried. Even though i'm in Week 20, i still have that "Fear" of a "M" but doctor said not to because all looks good so far! *thankful*

This week i also got something i never thought i'd own till 30...

My very first Birkin!!!

Black Clemence Leather PHW in Size 30! 

This week was a stuff myself with junk food cheat week. Had a lot of McDonalds and KFC. OHHHH and pints of Ben & Jerry's. I don't know why but one McDonald's Meal (Upsized) does not make me full?! I always have to have an additional side...and dessert. Sinful but....SO GOOD LEHHHHH. Hahaha.

Good thing is, I've really enjoyed swimming recently! I usually can swim quite a lot but now I'm pregnant, can only swim 30min and I'll be really tired. It's good exercise though! Something I can see myself doing all the way till my last week :) 

Read an article about "Skinny Pregnant" recently. I wanted to share the article but sometimes Facebook mobile is pretty annoying....i couldn't find the article again after scrolling and scrolling?? It is scary how a lot of girls are sooo afraid of getting fat during pregnancy they are going on diets. Please, don't. As much as I DREAD gaining weight, I won't do that! It's not good for your baby and you! You can control the weight gain but eating healthier and exercising but try not to skip meals and go on crash diets. It really scared me when i read that because as "Weight-Conscious" as i am, that thought of crash dieting while having a life in me never crossed my mind.

May is gonna be interesting because the new place is gonna be ready! This week is the last week I'll be busy buying some stuff for the place and I can relax! Reeeeally looking forward to showing y'all the new place which btw is designed by my momsie. 


Kinda miss doing photoshoots and taking nice OOTDs :'''( been so tired and lazy recently. Energy level still low all week. My life pretty much goes like this now Eat > Swim/Gym > Sleep > Eat > Korean Dramas in Bed > Sleep. Can't and won't complain though! So happy and so blessed i get to have a relaxing pregnancy! :)