Monday, May 12, 2014

Week #21

Here's Baby Bump at Week 21.... you can see the actual size of the bump here! :)

Did the 20 Week Fetal Assessment Scan and all looks really good! :) Baby is now around 8 inches and 350g? Hehe. I am super excited to go for scans, it's like the only time I get to see baby boy moving and see his adorable face.

Everything is going so smoothly! I am sooo happy to be healthy. It was really rough for me a few months back and i'm glad my health is now back to normal.

Emotional week though. Can't seem to hold back the tears for some weird reason. But the week was pretty eventful because i managed to meet all my favorite people this week because it's Freda's birthday and my friends managed to wake up in time for Brunch. Woohoo!

My friends think i look damn motherly now...hahaha. DO I? DO I?!

Weight Gained so far...9-10KG. *gasp* Honestly, i'm kinda clueless where the weight is. Well you can tell i gained some weight here and there (especially my butt and thighs and of course, my belly) but you won't believe me when i tell you it's T-E-N! Even the doctor said i hide it damn well...haha. Truly amazed at my body's transformation in this 21 weeks.

The new place is all ready!!! It's a small place so i decided to go for a clean and classy look with huge mirrors to make the place look bigger. :) More pictures when the photographer comes over!

Mother's Day dinner tonight at Melt The World. YAY... buffet!!! Super excited to eat! I REALLY miss sashimi though....and fresh oysters. :'(  I can't believe I'll have a son to celebrate Mother's Day with next year. O M G.