Friday, June 13, 2014


Does anyone remember my post ( about #HoverFinger?

Have you taken the #Hoverfinger quiz yet?

Here is the Outbreak Map, #HoverFinger is happening ALL OVER THE WORLD!

In case you’ve never heard of Hover Finger before - it’s that moment of hesitation right before completing an online transaction. Think about all the great deals you have missed out online thanks to #HoverFinger!

Here's help for people to overcome their fears and be cured of Hover Finger. We want you all to Pay With Confidence.


The simplest and surest way to cure Hover Finger is to use Visa. That’s because you don’t have to worry or hesitate when you shop online with Visa. When you pay with Visa you are protected everywhere – so you can pay with confidence.

Visa’s global, secure network (VisaNet), employs multiple layers of security to protect our personal details and prevent fraud. So there isn’t a need to worry when making online payments!

When the bank has issued your Visa card, remember to sign up for Verified by Visa! Doing so will prevent fraudulent transactions and give you true peace of mind while online shopping. When you shop at participating online stores, you will be required to key in a Verified by Visa password which authenticates your purchase.


Behind every credit card, there is a 3-digit security code aka the Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2). When you make online purchases, this CVV2 is need to process online payments. Yet another way Visa protects us from online fraud!

Ever been stuck in a situation where you received damaged or defective goods from an online store? I sure have! Whenever this happens to me, I will always try to contact the person who sold the goods to me. But what if the owner doesn’t try to resolve my issue???? With Visa, if we are ever stuck in such a situation, we can dispute the transaction by simply contacting the bank which issued our card!


Thanks to Visa, I am CURED from #HoverFinger! I can now purchase all the items I want online without having to worry if the store is “legit” or “safe”. When I pay with Visa, I know I’m protected no matter what! Goodbye to hesitating before making transactions on unfamiliar websites! Now I won’t ever miss a good deal online!

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