Friday, June 13, 2014

Week #26 + Sassy Lashes

Baby Bump at Week 26
I didn't know my bump grew so much bigger in just a week! Amazing?!?!

This has been my breakfast for 4 day straight! Can't believe I make the effort to go buy it from Mr Bean every morning! The soya pudding is like Lao Ban's Tau Huey :)

The work of my trusty air fryer. Everyone should own it!!! It's just SO EASY to use. Perfect for lazy ppl. And the best thing...NO NEED TO PUT OIL so it's "healthier". Ok la frozen food ain't healthy to start with but cooking it using an air fryer is still much healthier than deep frying it. Oh and if you are wondering how it tastes? It is almost as crispy and tasty as deep frying it. I can't live without an air fryer!! Using the Panasonic Air Fryer I think it's $300-$400 from Harvey Norman/Best Denki?

My super yummy onion sausage omelette!!! I've been pretty weird lately. All I wanna do is cook for people! It's like my fav past time now. I love it when I see all the food get wiped out and everyone's satisfied after a good meal face! :) I might start trying out baking soon!!! Anyone wants to share the perfect recipe for sticky chewy chocolate brownies??? It's my FAVOURITE!!!

Week 26
Current Weight: 63kg
Total Weight Gained: 12kg
My weight gain is out of control leh! Was following a fellow blogger's pregnancy journey and she's about to pop and only gained 7kg. Almost double her weight gain already and still 10 weeks away.

 A lot of people told me how much weight i should gain but no one told me how easy it is to gain weight during pregnancy! At the beginning of my pregnancy, i thought i could be one of those who would gain 10kg however, looks like the numbers will be doubled haha. Everyone's pregnancy is different! Some gain it slowly and well others....not so. For me, gaining weight was sooo easy, fast and totally effortless. I hate it when people comment about how fat i am now...some people think it's ok but it is hurtful! I do think it's kinda insensitive to give someone "that look" when she tells you her current weight gain. Makes me feel like i'm damn disgusting for gaining that much weight. But it's not like i don't want to lose any of it right now....I can't! I do exercise and have cut down on nonsense (ok i still have processed food etc but most days i eat as clean as possible) but the weight just won't stop going up. People need to learn to be more understanding. Just because i had a good body before pregnancy doesn't mean my body would stay the same during pregnancy. Some people store more fats than others. Some people don't lose their appetite and lose weight before gaining weight during pregnancy (some can lose 8kg during their 1st trimester and slowly gain it back in the 2nd and 3rd due to morning sickness).

All I wanna do is stay home nowadays! Stay in my comfy marshmallow bed all day if I can. I feel so big already?? I just don't feel like moving around cus I feel so heavy. My back is starting to hurt already. It's only Week 26 and I already feel sooo big. Wonder how much bigger I'll be?! Kinda dreading it but I want baby boy to be fat and chubby!! I don't think I'll be as active as I was a few weeks back anymore. Not till the end of the pregnancy. I thought I could exercise more, like say 5 days a week but I doubt I can!!! I did so 3 days this week and oh boy i really had to draaaaaag my lazy ass out to the gym/pool. I walk much slower now too. I get tired SO easily. It's only gonna get worse right? :(

Recently got eyelash extensions done...AT HOME!!!

Now i can look chio 24/7!

The only reason why i stopped doing lash extensions is because i don't really like traveling to the place to get it done. However, recently i was contacted by Yuki - Sassy Lashes who does house visits to help you do your lashes! Of course, the house visits will cost more because you do have to pay for her traveling costs (depending on where you live) but OMG, it is SO awesome to get to lie in your own bed while someone prettifiy you. Plus Yuki is truly an Eyelash Expert and is very dedicated to her job! It's always nice to meet people who love what they are doing because when they love what they're doing, they do a really good job.

I am super pleased with what Yuki did for me, it's like i've never had eyelash extensions this pretty before! I won't say her prices are exactly cheap, however quality of her lashes and work is definitely better than most places out there! Actually, THE BEST i've had done so far and i've tried a lot of different places! The lashes are so soft and comfortable too. I didn't want a too natural look so i got Yuki to do it a lil bit thicker than usual, WHICH IS FANTASTIC. Am not a fan of the "barely there" lash extension look, i do like it a lil bit more dramatic...but not too much, still good for day time. This set is perfect for me! In the pictures below, you can actually tell how fine and pretty the lashes Yuki used are! Doesn't feel uncomfortable and pokey.


Here's my lashes by Yuki - Sassy Lashes...


Top Lashes
80 lashes and below (40 x 2) $68
100 lashes (50 x 2) $78
120 lashes and above $88
In-fill (Repair up to 40 lashes) $48
Colour Lashes
$2 per colour lashes

Bottom Lashes
Bottom lashes extensions 10 lashes-$20/20 lashes-$30/30 lashes- $40

Removal of lashes (done by sassylashes) $15
Lashes done by Other Salons $20

Deposit $20 is required to secure your appointment.

Strictly Cash Payment Only.


Japan Eyelash Extensions (Top and Bottom Lashes)
Make Up
Hair styling
Eyebrow trimming

PS: All services by appointment only.



Shop: Singapore Shopping Center #03-23 (Dohby gaut *Beside Parkmall- Near Fish n Co.)
Home-based: Buangkok Cresent
House-visit (Services at client's place.Top up additional $20-$50 for transportation)


Name: Yuki
Contact: +65 8364 2423

Instagram: mysassylashes
Facebook Page:



Thickness: 0.12mm, 0.15mm or 0.20mm are available.

Curl: J-Curl, C-Curl, D-Curl.

All Products from Japan. Techniques from Japan. Lashes of Premiun Quality. Glue is painless, non-irritation (good for sensitive skin users too!)


Readers from OSF can enjoy $8 off (excluding promotion prices) for their eyelashes extensions services *$68~$88*on their first visit. Just have to quote "tammy/OSF" :)

For appointments,
Contact: +65 8364 2423